Harvey Puttock

Harvey is a writer and filmmaker known for writing many bios, including this one.

He's a freelance videographer and editor, as well as writing and directing films in his spare time. Currently he is the Filmmaker in Residence at the Raindance Film Festival.

He's currently in post production on his latest short Yes, Virginia as well as writing the script for his next comedy short film.


Yes, Virginia

Granting everyone else's wishes has always been second nature to Virginia, but no matter how hard she tries there are certain things that not even wishes can fix.

Warning Signs

Would you notice them? Oscar's relationship with new girl, Liv, seems fine, but over the course of a few months the warning signs start to show. Taken from the point of view of his bedroom, we witness both their tender and tough moments, in this in-depth observation on human connection.

The Many Faces of Beth Jones

Off the back of a successful stint on a television show, Beth's agent has been hard at work finding her new roles to make her a star. As she excitedly arrives to meet her agent, the parts found for her might not be exactly what she was hoping for.

Blue Apples

Silas (lonely, broken and depressed), meets Candice (attractive, feisty and insane) when he is stood up by his blind date. Candice promises him the night of his life, to make him forget his previous girlfriend of six years but things aren't all that they seem. Will this be the start of his new life or the end of his sorry existence?




The Many Faces of Beth Jones