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A new couple, Jeff and Mia, attend her boss's party hoping she might get a promotion out of it. Arriving late, they're surprised to be greeted by a bowl of keys. Their relationship will be put to the test as they explore what their boundaries are but next time maybe Mia should read the invitation.



Owen Frost as Jeff
Jessica Lundholm as Mia
Claire Johnson as Victoria
Liam Harkins as Owen
Joseph Emms as Dom

Written and Directed by Harvey Puttock

Executive Producer - Dusan Mrden
Producer - Harvey Puttock
Production Consultant - Kathryn Butt
Cinematography - Ufuk Gokkaya
Assistant Camera - Sofia Soto
Production Assistant - Conor Potts
Hair & Make-up - Heulwen Ostler
Sound - Vikram Bhatti
Continuity - Eleonora Passelli
Stills Photography - Bailey Graham

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"One of the goals I set for myself as a filmmaker was to write and direct at least one short film a year, so over the last couple of months (yes, the end of 2022 still counts as 2022) I’ve shot and been editing my latest comedy short Are We Doing This?"

The Independent Critic

"Writer/director Harvey Puttock is back with a new short film and it's a gem.... As someone who has enjoyed every Puttock film to date I'd have to say this may very well be my favorite yet."

B+ Rating

Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards

“A home run offering of comedy and solid casting.”


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