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Life's a Show

After Matt's play is cancelled he realises his life lacks direction. Taking this thought all too literal, he decides to hire a director to help guide him through his everyday life.

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Best Quarantine Short winner at Accord Cine Fest (July 2021)
Audience Award at Monthly Indie Shorts (July 2021)
Best Direction & Best Editing Nominee at Indie Shorts Mag Festival (July 2021)

Best Director & Best Humour Winner, and Best Writing, Best Short, Best Original Idea & Best Actor Nominee at Indie Film Awards (September 2021)
Best Short Film winner at Comedy Film & Screenplay Festival (September 2021)

Critics' Choice Award at DMOFF (December 2021)


Finalist for The People's Film Festival (2021)
Official Selection for Monthly Indie Shorts (July 2021)

Official Selection at Apex Film Awards (2021)
Official Selection at Metropolis Film Festival (July 2021)
Nominee at London Shorts (July 2021)
Official Selection at Infinity Film Festival (July 2021)
ARFF International // Amsterdam Monthly Edition (July 2021)
Best Director & Best Editing Nominee at Indie Shorts Mag Short Film Festival (July 2021)
Official Selection at Lift Off Sessions (July 2021)
Official Selection at Accord Cinefest (July 2021)

Los Angeles Comedy Film & Screenplay Festival (August 2021)

Finalist Global Monthly Film Competition (September 2021)

Raindance Film Festival (October 2021)
UK Film Review Film Festival (November 2021)

Ealing Film Festival (December 2021)

Unrestricted View Film Festival (April 2022)

4 Star Review from UK Film Review

Making a Zoom Short Film During a Pandemic (Raindance)

On with the Show (NY Law Blog)

Making a Comedy Short Film Over Zoom During a Pandemic (Film Lifestyle) 

Life’s A Show: Large Egos About Nothing, A Pandemic Era Comedy (Indie Shorts Mag)


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