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Life's a Show (2021)

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After Matt's play is cancelled he realises his life lacks direction. Taking this thought all too literal, he decides to hire a director to help guide him through his everyday life.



Jon Tarcy as Matt
Dusan Mrdern as The Director
Lucy Hilton-Jones as The Second Director
Lucy Phelps as Mother (Voice)
Written and Directed by Harvey Puttock

Executive Producer - Dusan Mrden
James Carnmal
David Deutscher
Richard W. Silverman
Producer - Harvey Puttock
Assistant Producer - Joe Supple-Turnham
Cinematography - Lexy Anderson
Assistant Director - Baptiste Charles
Sound - Tami Ige
Stills Photography - Bailey Graham


UK Film Review

"Life’s a Show is an inventive short film offering an amusing commentary on the loss of direction felt by so many people as workplaces across the world shut down, as well as how far some are willing to push their need for attention and adoration."

Indie Shorts Mag

"Puttock’s writing is the film’s strongest aspect...

Life’s A Show dips its toes into this pool with a well-worn premise—an out of work actor—but with new circumstances and solutions."

The Independent Critic

"Tapping into the heart and humor of what has turned out to be a global shutdown, Puttock has rather ingeniously crafted an engaging and entertaining 11-minute short film that benefits from its leading trio of performances."


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