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No More, No Less (Short Film)

World renowned relationship therapist Emily Berkenshire tries to fix Victoria, James and whatever's left of their relationship.

Moronavirus (Short Film)


As the Movi-20, a deadly disease originated from a laboratory experiment, reaches its third stage, humanity is forced to quarantine or face death. A fake news soon spreads across the web, faster than the virus, clouding people's judgment and behaviour.

Heart Broken - Anin Rose (Music Video)

Camera Operator

Music by Anin Rose & The Soulmate Project, original song written by Anin Rose

Me, Myself & Her (Comedy Web Series)

Camera Operator & Editor

Mia's mundane life is turned upside down by the arrival of an unwanted houseguest. ME, MYSELF & HER is a comedy series about the funniest thing of all - depression.

A One Night Stand with a Twist (Sketch)

Camera Operator

Alice might have messed up her one night stand.

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