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The Many Faces of Beth Jones (2018)

many faces laurels.png

Off the back of a successful stint on a television show, Beth's agent has been hard at work finding her new roles to make her a star. Beth excitedly arrives to meet her agent but the parts found for her might not be exactly what she was hoping for...



Lucy Hilton-Jones as Beth Jones
Annina Kaski as Samantha
Written and Directed by Harvey Puttock

Executive Producer - Dusan Mrden

Producer - Joe Supple-Turnham
Cinematography - Anthony Martinez
Clapper Loader - Baptiste Charles
Sound - Sarah Norman
Story - Harvey Puttock & Lexy Anderson


UK Film Review

"It’s entertaining, enjoyable and light hearted, but also still leaves us feeling a little empathetic for all the crap actors must have to go through while they chase their big break."

The Independent Critic

"The Many Faces of Beth Jones, which had its premiere at Raindance Film Festival, one of the UK's most celebrated film fests, is an entertaining 5-minute short film about a young actress..."

Kino Short Film

"It was a favourite of our jury, and even earned an acting award nomination for the Lucy Hilton-Jones."

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